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List of Food/Recipes

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Heels In Health was founded by Melody Adeniyi-Taiwo, who converted her passion for nutritious foods into a successful business and brand aimed at helping people live healthier lifestyles through better eating habits. Melody created the most in-demand spice blend, Chi SuyA Spice (pronounced Shy-SuyA), in her own kitchen, as a dry rub for various meats, including fish and poultry. It is a delicious, epicurean Nigerian spice blend, which increases the taste, aroma and nutritious value of your food. But don’t expect Melody to divulge the Chi SuyA recipe... Those are family trade secrets. Heels In Health also carries other exotic African spices, such as Peri-Peri and Ethiopian Berber spice.

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Paprika is as delicious as it is vibrant. The spice carries sweet, earthy, smoky, piquant, slightly bitter, and fiery flavors. Too often we find ourselves reaching for paprika as a splash of color for our food
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